Established in 2010, Do-my-homework-for-me.com started with solving homework in Essay and Math with a team of only 15 experts. After more than 10 years of operating in the market, Do-my-homework-for-me.com has grown enormously with 5 branches globally in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, China. Millions of exercises have been completed, the number of experts has reached thousands across the globe.

Owning an effective Operation System, Do-my-homework-for-me.com can offer the most reasonable prices in the market, only from 5.99 USD for an essay. This is the best price that no website can offer. Unfortunately, many customers used to think that “the more expensive, the better quality,” so they did not trust for the first impression. However, after using our service, they have to change their mind: “I wish I knew Do-my-homework-for-me.com sooner.”

With the motto, “Faster, better, cheaper,” we constantly strive to improve our products day by day. We are happy with the success we have achieved but always humbly acknowledge the problems that need to be overcome and strive to improve further.

Thanks to our effort and the support of more than 1,000,000 customers, we are proud to be one of the leaders standing firm in the market.

Our Core Value

Increasingly advanced learning, accompanied by the increasing amount of homework placed on the students’ shoulders, makes students have less time to spend on significant activities. Reality proves that doing too much homework doesn’t make students as good as the teachers expected; it just turns them into an assignment doing machine. Homework helps students master different types of exercise but also lose their natural creativity.

That is also the reason why many billionaires around the world decide not to go to college. Instead, they spend their time researching and doing things that they are genuinely passionate about. The most typical example, 80% of the world’s population has heard of, is the case of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They dropped out of Harvard and Stanford University and created the two biggest Technology empires globally – Microsoft and Apple Inc… In addition, Ellen DeGeneres, the most successful Hollywood host, extremely famous for TheEllen Show, gave up the University of New Orleans to make money and join comedy clubs at a young age. Jack Ma, Chinese billionaire, Chair of the globally famous Alibaba group, once told his son: “You don’t have to be in the top 3 of the class; it’s good to be in the middle, as long as the score isn’t too bad. Only this type of person (a middle-class student) has enough free time to learn other skills.” That reinforces our perspective; homework doesn’t make students better than teachers and parents often think. It is the student who understands what he wants and needs. Therefore, they should spend their time on truly valuable things.

However, this does not mean that we recommend dropping out of school like the billionaires mentioned above. They are outstanding people with a rate of 1/100,000,000. A degree is generally still a travel ticket that makes our lives more favorable. Therefore, our customers wisely spent a small amount of their money on homework solutions. They still got good grades in school, and at the same time, they gained more free time for other valuable things such as taking care of themselves, doing higher-income jobs.

We hope our customers have a great experience with Do-my-homework-for-me and using their time wisely.

Seeing you succeed is always our happiness.

Seeing you succeed is always our happiness.

Our Competitive Advantages

Our Pros can cover it all
We have a team of Pros with years of experience ready to help you with your homework. No matter what field it is, from Mathematics, Science, Social Science to Languages, no matter what grade you are in, from Elementary, Junior high school, Senior high school to university, we can cover it all!
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Speed is always our pride. Send us your tasks, and you can relax now. Watch a movie and come back after 1-2 hours (depending on the complexity of the exercise), you’ll get all problems solved. We’re also proud to have the best price on the market. There’s no need to worry about your assignment anymore. Count on us as your every dollar is worth spending.
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Midday? Midnight? 2:00 am? Anytime you want, our Pros are available 24/7 to give a hand.
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All your personal information you provide will remain private and will not be shared or sold to any third parties under any circumstances. Security and confidentiality are guaranteed

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