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Biology is the study of living organisms. The subject is interrelated to other disciplines such as mathematics, applied sciences, social sciences, among other disciplines. The subject has various topics such as ecology, reproduction, genetics, and plant science, among others. Biology is a career subject that facilitates securing employment in varied professional fields such as medicine, nutrition, biotechnology, and other fields. Studying biology facilitates full comprehension of ourselves and the environment which promotes effective environmental conservation and management for future generations. Biology facilitates our understanding of the interrelationship of humans and other organisms. The knowledge facilitates proper utilization of the resources without causing ecosystem imbalances. The knowledge of medicine is built upon the knowledge of biology. The world comprises of diverse organisms. Humans are able to understand their characteristics in order to conserve and manage them for future usage.

Studying biology is the foundation of all characteristics of life on Earth. Apart from creating solutions to the challenges many living organisms face, it paves the way for inventions and discoveries that improve the quality of life. Without studying biology, humans would probably never realize how important maintaining a healthy ecology is for themselves, animals and plant life. Additionally, studying biology enables the use of forensics to trace and arrest errant members of the society. It also allows agriculturalists to rear unique breeds of plants and animals.

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