Revision Policy

We’ve always sought to provide the best quality to satisfy the customers, as we have experienced professional writers and support agents. However, there may still be some changes to provide an article that meets all customer expectations. Therefore, we’ve created this policy to guide customers on how easy to submit modifications if necessary.

In short

You can always submit the delivered paper for free revisions within 14 days after submitting a paper if you’re dissatisfied with any of the authors’ views as long as your amendment does not contradict initial instructions. 

Please note that the time limit for modification is not under 24 hours. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our customers order a shorter term for more time – checking frames delivered and modified if necessary.

How do I submit an order for free modification? 

You can request a free amendment by contacting us via email or start a live chat with Customer Service Supporter. You can do so during the 14 – day period of renewal after the set date is set to the final term of the order.

Should I specify what to send the revised copy? 

To set free modifications, you’ll be asked to indicate the modification and modification duration based on the original instructions. Please note that the time limit for modification is not under 24 hours. 

The modification guide is any type of feedback that makes clear instructions on changes to be made in the article; those instructions may include any comments, suggestions, which questions, etc.

We welcome you to attach any files related to the amendment. For example, such a file may be the complete article of the writer with your comments on it. 

After your revision is reviewed by our team, the writer will begin modifying the article.

Can I send a paper to modify it for 14 days from the deadline? 

In cases where the amendment is not required during the time limit for modification of the (14 days after the end of the valid period), we consider the customer satisfied with the article and cannot make the free article change in the future. If any complaints arise after the modification period, you’ll be asked to set a new order or make additional payments to compensate for the writer’s work.

Special cases:

In the case of our group and/or the person who wrote the original is required to make modifications, including the wrong guidelines set by the client, and/or some parts of the article that are required to renew or write down from scratch, you will be advised to continue the additional payment. As a rule, we’ll ask the writer to estimate the scope of the work to write from the beginning to create an additional invoice for you. After you proceed, the document will be modified accordingly. 

In case you’re not happy with the person’s attitude, you can request the delivery of the order. Our representative will ask you about the reason for the transfer and prove its necessity and will make a decision if it can be renewed for free. Note that some extended deadlines may be asked by a new person to complete the article under the work and remaining deadlines. 

In case the customer offers a number of unreasonable modification requests and/or their behavior showing the obvious advantage to the writer, our representative has the right to decline the future requirements for modification. 

In cases where the customer has unresolved disputes, they have no right to send specific documents to modify the fee.

Please note that the responsibility of failing to meet initial instructions belongs to customers if any essential information relates to the successful completion of the task provided to the person who is too late to perform the necessary changes before the deadline is passed or after the final file is submitted. In this case, you may be asked to renew your time and/or additional payment. 

In cases where the customer provides us with evidence, the article may be modified for free during the modification or other writers may be specified at the request of the customer. Our top priority is to provide the best service quality for customers, so we’ll always solve every problem as quickly as possible

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