Why is Physics important?

Making Technological Advances

The importance of studying physics can clearly be see in the development of cutting edge technologies. Advances in technology are often based on discoveries in physics and inventions based on a new interpretation of existing physics knowledge, thus demonstrating the importance of physics in science. In the first half of the 20th century, Enrico Fermi studied existing knowledge on nuclear fission and experimented until he achieved the first nuclear chain reaction. Now the advantages of physics in everyday life are seen in the operation of nuclear energy plants that produce electricity to power homes and businesses worldwide.

Understanding the World

Not all of the benefits of physics involve material things because research and knowledge are themselves important. Astrophysics, quantum mechanics and investigations into atomic structure and energy have been able to explain much of the way the world works, even down to the original birth of the universe. Of course, the research results can also be used as the basis of new technology, as previously mentioned. At an individual level, studying physics can be personally rewarding as students begin to understand everyday objects and occurrences in terms of the concepts of phy sics that underlie them, such as acceleration of a car, gravity causing an apple to fall from the tree or electricity powering appliances.

Enjoying the Intellectual Challenge

Many people are afraid to study physics because it has a reputation as a difficult subject. Others don’t understand the importance of studying physics or the advantages of physics in everyday life. Specific aspects of physics that many people find daunting include the need to understand different mathematical equations and graphs and then be able to translate those concepts into real life. While there may be easier subjects out there, one of the values of studying physics is that it is intrinsically challenging and therefore also extremely rewarding when a student understands it. The best place to learn physics is through formal education, as the concepts are much harder to grasp in self-directed learning.

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