September 9th 2011

The reason for boredom may come from the pressure of life or study, expecting a learning result beyond their ability, the content of the lesson is boring or simply you are lazy. In any case, this situation should not last long, especially when the exam day is near. So how to inspire early learning again?

1. Do what you like

If you no longer have any interest in studying right now, put aside your studies for a while and try to do some activities that interest you, such as reading, watching movies, going out to eat with friends…

This will help you to stimulate your mind, create positive thoughts and prepare to regain inspiration for learning. However, you should limit to do favorite activities too much, only perform for a short time enough to arouse your excitement. In the future, when the joy of learning returns, you can use these interests and passions as a reward for your learning efforts, as a way to motivate yourself.

2. Redefine the reason or purpose of study

If you are a student, the reason for you to start learning is due to your parents’ orientation, but gradually, you become more mature, you will find many other reasons to continue your education. Some of you try to study well to study abroad, to take exams to select specialized schools or know the career path to pursue to the end. When inspiration is no longer intense, it is time to look back on your learning goals. That is the most powerful motivation for you to put your energy and determination to change your attitude.

As for those who are taking short courses, skill classes, learning English … the reason for your study will be even clearer because you choose and you know what you study for. Finding ways to change yourself to get back on track will help you control yourself better and show respect for your original decision.

In case of a change, you should redefine what you want to adjust and reorient your learning, focusing more on the purpose of learning for consistent learning outcomes.

3. Find out your motivation

Knowing the reason for studying is still not enough to pull you back to school. You need to find specific motivation and strong enough to pull yourself back to learning. Setting the rules for reward and punishment based on academic performance and ensuring proper implementation is also a common motivation. For example, giving yourself a trip to your favorite place if passing the University exam is a suggestion for motivation.

In addition, if you have a study group, then compete and choose the one with the higher results to award from the other friend. Academic competition also contributes to the progress of team members.

4. Stay healthy

One of the reasons for losing interest in learning is that the health is not stable which leads to mental fatigue, easy depression, and not enough alertness to focus. Be moderate, eat enough meals, get enough sleep and know how to take care of yourself. Regular exercise and physical fitness will help you improve your concentration and learn more effectively. Only when you are healthy will you be able to pull inspiration back to yourself.

Besides, psychological pressure sometimes makes you too stressed. You should keep a relaxed mind and try to relax when stressed, limit thinking too many things which makes tired for the body to adjust to the balance and then return to learning.

5. Rearrange the learning corner

A small tip to inspire learning is to set up a learning corner that can inspire learning just for you. Try tidying up your desk, arranging textbooks and decorating your room follow the way you like – these small things will certainly contribute to the passion of learning for yourself. A neat classroom, neat study table and suitable layout will make you feel relaxed and excited to start a new lesson of the day.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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