June 19th 2011

Select specialized major before choosing a school

In the process of selecting college and university aspirations, some students tend to choose a school first, then choose a major. This easily leads to the situation which many people feel that their field of study is not suitable and in the middle of the difficult decision between the second and third years: give up this field to start over or try to continue because of regretting the effort for a long time.

Therefore, the choice of specialized major should be prioritized before choosing a school to limit future risks. When choosing a major, besides interests, passions, students should consider the factors of ability, interests and prospects of that major within the next 5 years.

Do not rush to choose the industry when you do not understand the nature

Many people think that just need a very high input score and study the right sector “strength” themselves will make sure to have a 4 years succeed of college. However, that is only the beginning, bringing you to the door of universities and colleges, because behind that door is a harsh journey that awaits if you do not understand the major you are purchasing.

For example, medical specialties are frequently exposed to blood. If a medical student is afraid of blood, no matter how good he is, he will hardly be a doctor in the future. Therefore, when choosing a career, do not be careful in choosing a major can lead to serious consequences.

Do not choose majors according to crowd effect

The major like Business Administration may sound flashy, you will know everything after 4 years of college but this is really dangerous. Everything you think that you know eventually ends up being ignorant.

Therefore, you should consider to have best guide your career and choose a very specific specialty to pursue.

Choose the right school

Once you’ve chosen the right major, be very careful about choosing a school to spend your future. One of the advice of experts is to choose schools that have strengths in your chosen field.

One of the hot sectors that many schools “rush” to open for further training is the Economics sector. However, before applying, the 12 grade students should ask the question: “if the Economics degree at universities which is not in the economic group, will employers be appropriate it?” From that makes the best decision for yourself.

Open learning environment

The choice of university – college should not only consider the quality of training or benchmarking you should also consider the learning environment. If a student want to study effectively during 4 years of college, a comfortable learning environment is also an important criterion.

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