Learn math in school

1. Master the theory and definitions:

Although you don’t have to memorize like some social subjects, their definitions and theories of Math require you to study hard. The properties, formulas, and definitions must be remembered before they apply it to the exercises to prove, explain or analyze. When I remember anything in class, I try to put it in my head because it will make it easier for me to do my math homework.

2. Not cumulative learning:

For natural subjects such as mathematical physics, especially Mathematics, you must learn the prerequisite, you can be good at the latter. Therefore, cumulative learning is something that cannot be happened to this subject. There are many students who do not study and when they have test they also try to learn. Therefore, the test results will be very low. Because they must have a process to learn and improve every day, apply the knowledge to the exercises, they will remember long. The knowledge is related to each other, so I try to do my math homework to understand and remember more.

3. Listen and record all information from the lecture:

Most teachers’ lectures are 80% in books and only 20% are outside the books for students to understand more deeply. Therefore, you should take note of everything the teacher give you because it is necessary and helpful for the you. If you just sat and listened, you quickly forgot when you got home. So, not only listen but also have to write down the book carefully to have what you review.  I have tried this method to do my math homework, that is an effective way. Please practice that habit for you guys, it is very effective!

4. Bravely ask when you do not understand:

In the course of class learning, there will certainly be things you wonder or do not understand. Be brave to ask your teachers to teach or explain to you. Because when you understand deeply, you can only do their homework and write it in their heads. Do not be shy when you ask, because teachers will be happy if you dare to ask for more knowledge for themselves. They will help their students in every way so they can learn better! This is a method can help me to do my math homework when I face with difficult task.

Self-study math at home

1. Read a new article at home:

Reading new material before class is a great way for students to learn. If they have gone through and prepared for the previous lesson, they will catch up and understand it more easily, avoiding the confusion when having strange or difficult lessons. Not only that, when reading in advance, the students will prepare themselves questions for class teachers to answer for themselves.

2. Study and do homework a lot:

They have to do a lot of homework in order for the formulas they learn to apply. The more you do it, the more you will come into contact with the different types of exercises, the more it will accumulate knowledge and experience for you to solve later problems. If I take many forms, I can meet again when I take the exam and it’s not difficult for me to solve any more. At that time, they will realize that doing homework is very beneficial!

3. Favorite subjects:

Whatever I like, I will do it best. So, practice loving Math, give yourself some inspiration. You will conquer it if you love it. Don’t put too much pressure on it, instead feel free to study, you will succeed! I am always try to find inspiration when I solve my math homework at home.

Hopefully, the above information will support and help you learn this subject well! Wish you a good study!

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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