December 14th 2011

do your homework

Take breaks

It can be hard to stay motivated when you do your homework, especially if you have a lot of work to do. Therefore, it’s necessary to motivate yourself with short breaks. Create a suitable time table for yourself in which you reward yourself with brief breaks.

Good examples of what to do during your breaks are taking walks, meditating, stretching, or getting yourself a snack. Let’s try it before you come back to do your homework.

Many people find that it’s the most effective to work in short spurts. You may want to plan to work in half hour to 45-minute intervals, for example, and then take a 5 to 10-minute break before coming back to do your homework.

Be careful with breaks, however. Make sure you use your breaks wisely so they don’t end up running over. If you allow yourself a 10 minute Facebook break every 40 minutes, set a timer on your phone to make sure you do not end up procrastinating on social networking sites for hours.

Give yourself rewards.

You can feel more enjoyable when you do your homework if you know you’re working towards a goal. Obviously, there are many abstract and long term rewards that come with homework, such as good grades and learning useful knowledge. However, concrete and short term rewards may be helpful in the moment. Pick a small indulgence for yourself, like a piece of candy that you work towards when studying. For example, you could allow yourself to have a hamburger after you finish your math homework.

Consider forming a study group

Studying and doing your homework can be more fun if you do so in a group. You can motivate each other and provide one another with company and brief distractions. A study group can also help if you struggle with a particular subject, as a knowledgeable friend may be able to help you work through a difficult task.

However you should be careful who you include in your studying group. While you want to be able to enjoy yourself, you also want to do your homework well. Choose people who are serious enough so that you won’t end up distracted when you do your homework.

Together as a group, you can brainstorm to make something fun. For example, you can accept that you’ll do homework in silence for 40 minutes and then take a 15 minute break to talk together.

Time yourself.

A game of “Beat the Clock” can help you do your homework with funny way, and make it go faster. Try to count how many math problems you can complete in 15 minutes. Then, try to break that record. Challenging yourself a little can make you do your homework seem like play a game. If you’re working in a study group, you should create some small competition among your friends which can make you can do your homework effectively and efficiently. You can even consider a reward as motivation. For instance, the loser in this activity has to buy the winner a cup of coffee or a hamburger.

Be careful, however, not to do sloppy work. If you’re trying to break a record, you may speed through your homework. Strive to work efficiently rather than quickly.

Find relevance in your homework subjects

Take a few minutes to search Google for how what you’re studying is applicable to the real situation today. For example, if you’re learning about European exploration, articles about the controversy of Columbus Day may make your interest in the topic again.

Talk to your parents to see how the topic your studying may affect them in the present day and receive some ideas from them which can help you to do your homework better.

Be careful not to get distracted in this extra research or you’ll lose focus on your homework. Set a timer for yourself and ensure that you don’t spend too much time doing it.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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