Do your homework is good or bad and what are the benefits ???

Going to school all day is enough for the students. Having more homework is not fun. However, even though you don’t want to do your homework, it’s undeniable its role.

Homework – knowledge

Do your homework is an important part to supplement the knowledge of classroom learning. It helps students consolidate their knowledge in class, broadening the knowledge they have learned.

Your homework can be given in many different forms to enhance your knowledge. Exercises can be puzzles to solve problems related to math and society. They can be some riddles or games. Exercises can have many other ways to engage students.

Homework and exams

In tests at school, not only does it include the knowledge in books but also external knowledge, advanced knowledge. If you only study at school without doing your homework, you will easily forget these amount of knowledge.

Do your homework helps you practice regularly. Certainly students who regularly do homework will do better than other students. A high score is a gift that a student earned.

Exercise and connection

Do you believe homework helps parents bring their children closer? That is especially true for younger students.

Primary school homework is often related to family issues. There are exercises that need help from parents to be able to solve them. The guidance of parents during homework will create a better relationship with parents and children.

Homework can be a bridge for parents and children to get to know each other better. Parents can understand the pressure and difficulties that children have to deal with.

Above, may be one of the reasons that need homework for students. But besides being positive, homework is an obsession for students.

Obsession takes the name of homework

Homework is beneficial for students, but if you have to do your homework tô much it has the opposite effect. It will become a terrifying obsession for students.

Recently, a survey of Stanford University researchers, USA conducted on 2000 students. This survey tests perceptions about homework. It tested on the relaxed spirit, enthusiastic behavior to participate in student activities.

Too much homework will have some negative effects on students.

Make students more stressed

56% of students suppose homework as a reason for stress. Exercise causes 43% of students to stress them. Less than 1% of students think that homework does not stress them.

Health damage

With open-ended questions and advanced knowledge, homework becomes a burden for students. These exercises, causing students to lose sleep, stressed mind. Sometimes children have diseases related to stomach, brain, eyes, etc.

If you have to do your homework too much, you will be more prone to stress and depression. Sometimes too much exercise can also cause suicide.

Spend less time with family, friends and outside activities

If the exercise is too much, solving it too takes a lot of time. The time you spend with family and friends will be narrowed. By not participating in extracurricular activities, they will not acquire the necessary skills and life experiences.

The children participate in extracurricular activities, communication will be more easily isolated, depressed. If you encounter incidents, you will easily think of suicide.

Too much homework causes many negative things. What needs to be done to both exert its role and reduce the harm caused by it.

Homework suitable for students

We can refer to the homework assignment according to the latest Australian research. According to the Australian Ministry of Education, homework should allocate time to suit each age group.

For elementary students, homework time is about 30 minutes. Six hours of school work for elementary students is sufficient. Do your homework too much inhibits your development, learning other necessary skills.

For high school students, the amount of time to do homework is about 1-2 hours a day. Depending on the different classes that allocate time appropriately.

The quality of homework is also a factor to be considered and considered.

Homework helps students improve their knowledge and avoid its harmful effects.

From a personal perspective, do your homework is necessary. Good or bad homework should be considered to suit each student. If so, the exercise will help students learn better, achieve better results.

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