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April 15th 2012

Many people feel that they are naturally not good at math and have no hope of developing in this field. That thought is simply not right. Research shows that to be good at math, diligence plays an equally important, if not more, gift than being born with talent. You can become good at math with your study focus. Practice every day until you understand mathematical concepts. If needed, you can ask others for help. Tutors, teachers or anyone who is good at math can help you perfect your skills. You should also develop a positive, positive attitude toward math. Many people have a very stubborn attitude about this subject, and tend to think that “I’m not good at math now so forever”. You should understand that this is not true. Most people can be better at math just by being more diligent.

Following some tips I used to use to practice doing math. I hope that they will help you partially.

Study in an environment without distractions. Because my level of math is not good, I always make sure the learning environment is free of distractions to increase focus. Before sitting down and do my math homework, I try to find a place where there are no outside distractions.

It was a place where there was not much noise or people walking around. You can find a quiet cafe, or sit at the bedroom table.

I try to minimize distracting agents ahead make my math homework done well. Disconnect internet and store phone and try to focus on your math problems. 

I like listening to music while I study, so choose music without words. You should choose these kind of music. Lyrics or loud music can distract you.

Spend time practicing every day. Nothing really can be called the secret to being good at math. Everything is only in determination. If you want to improve your math scores, hard work is the key. From my experience, I try to do my math homework as much as possible. My math homework sometimes is really challenging and I can practice the way of working under pressure. You will have to practice every day until you understand the concepts behind math. 

You should follow the class schedule closely and find an appropriate time of day to learn math. Perhaps you usually have time at the beginning of the evening, if so then you plan to learn math from 6 to 7 pm after dinner. I usually do my math homework at 9 pm when my energy is the best so that I can make sure that my math homework can be completed efficient and comprehensive.

Should not study continuously for many hours. You will be stressed when studying for too long, so every night should only study about an hour. When I have to do my math homework a lot, I divide them into many parts and then after finishing one part, I have a short break about 5-10 minutes. You can use this method because I see that it is really helpful

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Learn how to argue and solve a problem. Math is sequential. Many people feel that they have to memorize many definitions and formulas, or draw a roadmap in mind before placing a pen. This does not work. Instead, you must understand the origin of those definitions. If you understand the reason and operation of an equation, it’s easier to remember it.

The theory in math seems complicated, but you’ll understand if you try a little harder. Do not be afraid to ask during math hours. Why is there Pythagorean Theorem? On a logical level how does a quadratic equation work?

Understanding the concept behind is much more effective than simple memorization. If you understand a problem deeply, memorizing will not be difficult. You will have many means to test the results if you understand the meaning of an equation. You know, do my math homework at home without any help from teachers is really hard. Therefore I always try to understand the meaning or the solution of the math problem during the lesson. That’s reason why I can do my math homework easily.

Solve slowly step by step. When doing math, you need to know how to find results. Instead of planning ahead to find a solution, you simply need to solve that equation step by step. Do not think in advance, because solving slowly will help you recognize the solution. 

If you need to do the division first, just focus on that. If followed by addition, focus on addition only. After you’ve solved the problem, you can review the entire process of solving. Try to understand the principle and method of that method.

When I do my math homework I force myself to do step by step to ensure that all the information I did is right, then if there is any mistake I can review again, find it and fix it.

Carefully review the wrong solution. You can learn a lot from your mistakes. If you find yourself wrong, you should review the entire process. Where were you wrong and how wrong? Try to review the problem and find a way to find the right result. 

When doing math, writing out solutions is very important. Use a pen to write down the details of each step that applies to a problem. This way, when an error occurs, you can review the resolution process and find the wrong place more easily.

Check answers. Review the process after solving an equation. Ensure you have correctly calculated all the data and used the correct solution. Checking the results to see if they are correct will increase your probability of success. This will also help you develop a habit of checking your answers, and improve your score on the exam. 

Examining the answers also helps you better understand the mathematical theory behind it.

My math homework is so diversity that whenever I review a problem I can learn more things. 

There are some tips I try to give you to be better at math. I hope you see they are useful.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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