When doing homework “parting” the phone

You may be distracted by a few things when studying: television, family members, or some other objective reason. This can cause you to lose your ideas, inspire you to do your homework, and not focus. So before you start studying, find a place where you won’t be disturbed.

In particular, the phone has notification messages, Facebook … while you are trying to focus can lead to you reading a chapter of history and never-ending it! Therefore, turn it off or put it in a corner away from your view, learning will be much more effective. It is the first effective method for you to do your homework.

Take advantage of all the time

There’s plenty of free time between classes, on the bus and before school – so make use of these gaps! You can review your work while you eat breakfast, read a chapter of some book on the bus. You can use headphones to drown out background noise if any.

Cross-check the results with your friends

Sometimes you do your homework without knowing exactly whether the result is right or have not found a solution. Therefore you should cross-check the results with friends or ask them about the method of doing the test. This will save a lot of time for you to do your homework more than you keep struggling with “difficult” exercises but in the end, it still can’t solve. However, note that this is a suggestion for you to find the right direction to solve the problem, not copy the work of others!

Set a specific time for each exercise

Sometimes you just immerse yourself in the exercises but cannot escape from them. Sometimes you sit for hours to do your homework, but it is not completed. So you should set a time limit for each exercise, try to be within that time to complete. Setting the time like this will help you make an effort to solve the problem quickly. And you absolutely can reward yourself with small gifts if you reach the goal.

Start on time

You should have a set schedule to do your homework and follow that schedule. Start early with the exercises and divide them into smaller sections. This is a way to make learning easy and free from any backlog of knowledge. Make a study plan, things to do and start work on time as you expected. Learning will be a lot smoother.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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