How to be “Cool” When I am “bored of doing my homework”

How do you keep your work progress, academic performance when you feel bored?

How to “Pass the exam” when you hate that subject? The inspiration or motivation to learn can leave you in some “lazy period”. So how to learn when you are not motivated? Please apply the following 4 steps with Do my homework for me!

Step 1: Understand how your brain operates

Please understand your study and working habits well! What is the time of day you feel most inspired, and in the most stable mood to do your homework? Next, what time zone do you just want to lie down and take a rest? And lastly, how do surrounding things affect your mood?

For example:

Note down the events that happened during the day. Then add under each line how you feel about performing each task. This helps you:

  • Reallocate your best tasks for each time zone of the day.
  • Understand how you can help improve your mood and state of study.
  • Make a strategy for the time zones you feel like “lazy”. Example: For me, during these times, I often do my homework on the subjects that I love.

Step 2: Change how you use the language

“The way you think makes the way you act.” Therefore, let use the power of language to enchant yourself. You can practice changing the negative words in your mind right away into more positive ones. For example:

Instead of saying “I have a test next week” but“I don’t want to do my homework”

→ “I have a test next week” and “I don’t want to do my homework” → Yeah, then what?

This way sounds funny. However, it is extremely easy to implement and effective. You will feel better.

Step 3: Delete the phrase “Tomorrow to do”

The most difficult thing when you study and work in a depressed mood is not how to do it well, but how you do it. Do you remember your essay preparation or test review? when you lack motivation, the following suggestions should apply:

1. Separate your goals small enough for you to get started

Do not think that you will do “big hammer” things in this period. Trust Do my homework for me, if you do this you just create self-pressure and procrastination. Narrow down your expectations for the work you want to do and break the work down to the point that you can do it.

Like the above example, you just need to set your goal: Read a small section or even only 1 paragraph in a chapter a day. After reading you can continue or pause.

Once you are at work, you will re-engage your concentration on work. This is the first step in getting you closer to your goal.

2. Choose easy assignments to rebuild inspiration for learning

A small success is enough to make you feel excited as if you have won a big challenge. Therefore, you can choose to do the assignments that you enjoy doing in advance or the easy jobs of this period.

For the days of losing inspiration to learn English, I often choose simple tasks such as reading Flashcards or watching comedy movies in English first and then go into more difficult parts such as writing, learning grammar, or practicing pronunciation. Then I can do my homework with the best spirit.

3. Shorten study time

It is difficult for you to sit at your desk, read books, and take notes for 2-3 hours instead of surfing Facebook, watching Youtube, checking messages, etc. Therefore don’t last your study session for too long. You can limit your session to 25-30 minutes, then allow yourself to “take a breath” for 5-10 minutes and then come back.

4. Activities

Scientists have proven that when active your body will release substances such as Oxytocin, Endorphin, Adrenaline, Serotonin. These substances will give you feelings of happiness and comfort. Therefore, physical exercises can become a good medicine to help you rebuild a positive state to embark on the job.

Step 4: Make boring work interesting

01. Choose yourself the rewards.

The rewards will be your catalysts to get excited about completing a learning task. Therfore, motivate yourself with a favorite drink, a sweet chocolate bar, a date at the end of the day, and so on, after you’ve completed difficult tasks.

02. Diversify the way you study.

Learning the same way, at the same place, and at the same time sometimes makes you feel overwhelmed. In addition to the rewards, to make your learning session more interesting you can check out the following ways:

  • If you are bored with reading books you can listen to lectures online instead and vice versa.
  • Do hands-on exercises in syllabuses if you begin to get tired of reading theories.
  • Relate the knowledge you have learned with practice instead of just trying to memorize the definitions.
  • Change learning method (Graphs, mind map, pictures, etc).
  • Switch to your favorite subjects for 10-20 minutes, then switch back to subjects that you find difficult.
  • Study and discuss the problem with a group of friends instead of studying alone.

Above are just some of the things that Do my homework for me has applied. In addition to the above ways, you can also create a variety of other methods that are more suitable for you. Then, let’s take the first steps to overcome your depression. Good luck.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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