What is SEO, what do SEOers do? Or “what is the purpose of SEO” is certainly the question of many people when they started learning SEO. So what Do my homework for me wants to share firstly is “what SEO is? We will find out shortly:

What is SEO? What word does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a collection of optimization methods to make the website more friendly with Search Engine. From that, it helps to improve website rankings when users search for related keywords.

Such methods include website optimization (manipulating HTML source code and website content) and building links to the site in which search engines choose the most suitable site for Internet searchers corresponding to a specific keyword queried by the users.

The difference between SEO and Adwords

SEO and Adwords are website optimization services with search engines to increase traffic to a website that customers search for. It can be implemented with a certain “word” or “phrase” on the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing…). However, SEO and Adwords are different in terms of marketing. Do my homework for me will give you a general look at these terms,].

The results are displayed in the below images. According to research, customers will click on organic results (SEO) accounting for 65% (35% of clicking on AdWords).

Google Adwords is a form of paid advertising to appear on the search results page. You only pay when someone clicks on the ad. Google Adwords allows you to place your ad on the right-hand side, or the top of the search results page on Google and other affiliate sites. Internet users type in keywords related to your product or service and your ad will appear on search results pages. Visitors will click on your ad and it will take them directly to your website.

If you want to do PPC advertising – Adwords is very easy. Anyone with an international credit card like VISA, MASTER CARD can sign up and run ads. However, website SEO is much more difficult. You can spend a few hundred dollars to learn SEO or you can hire service companies to do it for you faster.

Implementing keyword SEO is a very independent job. But to achieve the best effect, it needs to be used in conjunction with other tools such as Social Media, Email Marketing.

SEO keywords are increasingly popular and considered as a money-making profession, a thoughtful job, or a unique creative field! As Do my homework for me’s survey, it is estimated that more than 20,000 people are practicing SEO and that number continues to grow.

What is SEO-profession?

What is SEO-profession?

SEO profession is a developing profession in just a few years, along with the development of Online Marketing in general and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in particular. SEO-profession needs to take on the job of on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Thus, the SEO-profession includes 2 main jobs: Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. However, what SEO-profession is also a fairly unfamiliar concept to many people, so there are also many misunderstandings about it. Let’s find out 5 myths about the most popular SEO-profession with Do my homework for me:

SEO profession is as an IT job

IT stands for Information Technology. SEO-profession with the IT profession is not similar. If IT is about computer programming in-depth, SEO is about search engine optimization. Working in SEO-profession, you only need to know how to edit documents, install the main software to run AdWords, analyze, and measure the results. Rather, it should be said that SEO-profession is related to the IT profession.

SEOers just need to have computer skills, writing skills are not necessary

If you think so, you are wrong. Copywriter is the most important thing in SEO because the content is what attracts and holds readers. Search engine optimization is good but the content is poor, the website will be forgotten sooner or later. An SEO-profession requires the ability to know how to copy and rewrite attractively.

SEOers do not need to know to design

High-level design skills may not be required, but basic design skills are not impossible if you want to pursue an SEO-profession. Because you cannot optimize your website to rank higher on Google search results if it does not have attractive images. The SEO-profession involves Photoshop, video design, and artistic prowess. From our experiences, Do my homework for me supposes standard SEO articles cannot lack attractive design photos.

SEOers do not need to know to code

Not really, because when you optimize something, you need to understand it. The programming language is the language of the website. Only when you understand that language can you understand what the website needs. An SEO-profession does not need specialized knowledge of programming, but basic knowledge is indispensable.

SEO and Marketing are not related

This is a harmful myth. SEO is an offshoot of SEM (Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Marketing). In the current era, when online marketing is growing, the SEO-profession is almost becoming an important profession to run good marketing.

What SEOers do?

First and foremost, an SEOer must determine the job, the ability to work, and the progressive demand of each SEO. SEO is not just about putting keywords on the top search, doing SEO is also how to make users click on our website.

SEOers do not need to have high academics level, do not need to be too smart, and do not need to be so beautiful. SEOers only need a computer and know how to use computers proficiently along with taking an SEO course to do their jobs. So what are the requirements of the SEOers? You just need to be hard, persistent, and not rushed or discouraged.

What is the job of an SEOer?

  • Learn about the field need to be SEO
  • Analyze website and top competitors in details
  • Come up with an SEO plan and make keyword lists
  • Optimize the website structure
  • Create quality content for your website
  • Build a quality backlink system that points back to the website
  • Check keywords weekly, monthly to fix errors if any
  • Maintain the above works

What is the purpose of SEO?

The purpose of SEO is to improve a website’s ranking in the results pages of search engines (most commonly Google).

When SEO is effective, the web rank is in the top position. The chances to get potential customers are higher, attracting more views, improving conversion rates to customers. Especially, it helps to promote the brand as well as raise the revenues.

Nowadays, doing SEO gradually becomes necessary and important for any business that wants to succeed in an Online Marketing strategy. The purpose of SEO is also for the development of brand and business; enhancing competitive advantages for businesses in the commercial landscape in the era of the Internet booming.

People are searching every day and most of us just look at the first page of results. So if a customer is looking for your product, and yours accidentally gets ranked on the second page, the chance customer finds your website is less than one on the first page. The battle for high rankings on search engine rankings is extremely important.

Google uses more than 200 criteria to decide the order of websites in search results and its algorithms are always a big secret. These factors can be classified into two groups: internal website elements (content, structure) and external factors (backlink, traffic). Understanding what the concept of SEO is, what jobs do SEO do? Will help you get a good look at this fascinating and artistic field. Do my homework for me wishes you success with your SEO career.

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