Positive effects

Students can learn how to divide their study and leisure time effectively

Homework can be a way to help children learn to be responsible for managing their time. Students will learn how to divide time between playtime and study time. And schedules must be scheduled to ensure that all tasks can be completed within deadlines. In this way, students will realize how valuable time is and will not waste time in vain. Do my homework helps me to take advantage of my time and cover all my activities.

Students can revise the lesson at school

“Do my homework” can also be a resource for reviewing school lessons. Students learn to remember what they have previously learned in school through homework provided by teachers so that their ability to remember documents becomes powerful.

Test the understanding of students about the lesson at school

Homework can be used as a document for students’ assessments to determine their ability to understand what they have learned before in school. By completing homework every night, especially with difficult subjects, this concept becomes easier to understand. I usually do my homework because it helps me to recall the knowledge and understand the lesson more.

Effective self-study resources

To “do my homework” can train students with their brain to think carefully, keenly, and seriously. To “do my homework” can also expand a student’s knowledge to delve into what he does. have learned before. Sometimes what is in a child’s homework is a useful material that their search requires answers that go beyond what they have in the book but are still related to the material.

Homework is a stepping stone for the next lessons

With daily practice, students will master the knowledge and practice of the lessons. Students can easily access more advanced forms of exercise or the foundation knowledge that they will learn in the next lesson.

Negative effects

Psychological stress

The excessive amount of homework can make students so depressed that they don’t like the lessons. In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Education by sampling 4,317 students at 10 favorite high schools in California. Nearly 2420 students admitted that: “do my homework is a major source of stress”

Sometimes students in Indonesia don’t do their schoolwork because they feel too tired and stressed. This leads to an attitude of accomplishing duty rather than actually understanding the meaning of the lesson. There is a period of time when I haven’t had the right method to do my homework, I just do them under stressed and uncomfortable

Decreased health

If too much time is spent on homework, it can put a heavy burden on the students’ health. Children who are sleepless may be suffered from the immune system weak or be susceptible to diseases. And it can be worse if students need to be hospitalized and need a long time to heal, while school lessons continue and homework is still given by the teacher.

Spend less time with family and friends

When students have a lot of homework, their social interaction will also be reduced, especially with family and friends. Students become too focused on homework and do not pursue hobbies that they like. This makes them not realize their own potential or no expertise outside of their field of study.


These are some of the implications of doing homework for students from two perspectives, the positive and the negative. After taking a holistic view, here we can assess that homework according to its part can have a positive effect and if it goes beyond that part it will become a boomerang for students. Therefore, students in the educational world need to consider the right part when doing student homework. Assign goals and benefits that students can later achieve and design homework that can develop their skills on materials taught not just to fulfill the obligation.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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