Online business is compared to shopping for images, buyers can only observe products through photos and then read its information on the website or fanpage. Therefore they are very cautious about those articles you post, from their titles to their content. Therefore, SEO standard articles play an important role in online sales. It promotes customers to buy and helps the shop to make a good impression on buyers. Let’s figure out 6 secrets that make a good SEO article with Do my homework for me.

1. Impressive title

When customers visit the article link, the first thing they see is its title. To inspire and create comfort for visitors, prioritize short, concise, and impressive elements. A standard SEO title usually contains the main keyword for the product or news mentioned below. It must perform its function as a summary of the whole content or the name of the goods that the shop owner is doing business. The title cannot be reused unless the following article is a continuation of the previous article.

2. Brief description

When posting any article about a product or a piece of news, you must pay attention to their description. The description has a great influence on whether you want to learn more about the product or information or not. To write a brief but still sufficient description, you should thoroughly understand the issue you are about to mention. It is not too detailed but generalizes the content. A description works only when it has the urge in it, trying to refresh the writing so that it is not stereotyped or mechanical.

Example: “Do my homework for me offers a 30% discount on all services for today only!”

3. Easy-to-understand words, appropriate voice

In online business, buyers do not have much time to call for being consulting or search all business concepts, then simplifying the text of the article is a way to keep customers’ interests. Avoid using many professional words, specialized terms. In case you force to use these terms, you should mention the definition next to them so that readers can understand what you mean.

Each product or news has its own writing style and tone. To impress customers, you should learn about rival posts, fanpages to gain more experience, thereby building a suitable business strategy. For example, with an advertisement for a bicycle product, you have to put yourself in the position of a user to write. A close and simple tone will make the reader feel more secure and decide to buy it. As for promotional news posts, you should use a writing style consisting of many single sentences, urgent, exciting, attracting buyers to visit.

4. Uniqueness

A qualified article is one with a high level of originality, without any adulteration or duplication of any other article. However, the situation of copying, pirating, or posting without source information occurs frequently,. It makes customers confused because they cannot determine whether it is the real website/fanpage or not. Besides, the use of copied articles will adversely affect your website, both deleting the post on Google search engine, and losing the trust of visitors.

Thus, to get quality posts, writers must improve their expertise, about products, services, or about the problem they want to mention. The article must revolve around the main content relating to the product to avoid ramble, wordy, and annoying readers. Do my homework for me supposes that you should refer to more articles or websites to get more references. Note that this work not only helps to better understand your competitors but also builds the foundation and direction for your articles in the future.

5. Moderate links

We can add a link with a variety of keywords but a maximum of only 3 times per post, otherwise Google will consider it as spam and remove it from the list of search results. A standard SEO post must meet the following requirements. They are attaching 3 – 5 internal links, 3 links need to have different destination addresses and 1 keyword has only inserted the link once in 1 post. Do my homework for me encourages you to link the balance from the opening to the body and the conclusion. It is better if you add one link for each section.

Besides, tagging articles helps them become more conspicuous and easy to find in current search engines like Google, Bing, etc

6. Quality images

As mentioned above, online business is like shopping for images. Then the more quality photos, the more attractive customers. In writing SEO standard articles, your images must meet many standards. The most important of which is still sharp, vibrant colors, optimal size, be it 600×314 or 1200×628, compact size. The best seller should still take a photo of the product by himself, insert a logo, make full use of the light and shooting angle. Then they will get a beautiful photo without infringing the copyright

In case of taking pictures on the Internet, they must rename the images according to the article title, choose the high definition plate and edit it to suit the article content. Avoid photoshop too much that makes the products in the image too different from reality. It will make customers feel cheated and lose trust in your shop.

In short, if an article meets the above factors, it will surely help the website / fanpage attract a large number of visitors. From that, it will help your website increase interaction between buyers and sellers. You should regularly learn and improve specialized knowledge to build good, unique, diverse articles, video clips for your website/fanpage.

Do my homework for me wishes you will have a successful business!

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