September 24th 2012

do your homework

Perhaps you have once wondered how you can do your homework efficiently. You don’t want your papers to take up much time, yet you also don’t want to sacrifice your work’s quality because of the rush. 

To do your homework is a burdensome task sometimes because many teachers assign papers just for the sake of assigning homework. It is not because they need you to better understand the course materials. Of course, not all teachers are like this, but many are. People should validate students’ feelings and perspectives. Sometimes they feel like when teachers tell them to “do your homework,” teachers actually mean: “do this unnecessary work that is unrelated but I’m assigning it anyways just because”. There are bad teachers out there. To my fellow students, we know your pain. Students have to deal with bad teachers, but they still need the grade. Therefore, in this article, we will spoil you with some secrets and tips. You’ll know how to earn good grades while you do your homework and still save time for other fun tingz.

Tip #1: When you do your homework, make sure you’re 100% focused on this one task. Give it 100% of your attention and time. Do not try to multitask. Since homework is so painful, multitasking will make you do your homework for a longer period of time. It will also make you become easily distracted. Regardless of how useless your assignment is, do your homework while you’re in an environment suited for concentration.

Tip #2: Pay special attention to the teacher’s instructions when you do your homework. Re-read the prompt 5 times, re-write it, digest it, whatever. Create your own method of understanding what is required of you. Look at it like this, what matters most is not how quality your assignment is. It is how well you follow the instructions given by the instructor when you do your assignments. Give them only what they want, nothing extra. Create an outline on each requirement for the assignment, then tackle each bullet point individually

Tip #3: Seek help. Tutors are available. Find one. Your parents or older siblings can also help. If you can’t get free help, pay someone to do your homework for you. This is only the last resort. However, you must ensure that whoever writing your assignment must be versed enough for the demands of your academic environment. Don’t hire a middle schooler to do your calculus assignments. Or, don’t ask someone who’s never taken your class to do your homework for you. That’s risky and can cost you much more than you anticipated. 

That’s all the tips that we have for you today. We hope you’ll find it helpful. Peace!

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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