August 24th 2012

do my homework

Choose an appropriate place.

It must be a quiet place to do my homework. Regardless of library or bedroom, I think it has to be quiet and without distraction so that I can concentrate on doing my homework. Moreover, I will stay away from TV, pets or anything that can distract me. A comfortable sit and good source of light are also important to do my homework. Sitting in a good posture helps me to study in a long time without being hurt and tired.

For example, I never study in front of TV. If I do so, I surely spend all the time on glancing on the screen instead of doing my homework. This is similar when I leave for a cup of water or fresh air, then I hardly comeback with my assignments.Sitting neatly to do my homework. I hardly do my homework in bed. If you study under a blanket, you will simply fall asleep. Moreover, it’s easy to be a bad routine which you should avoid.

Prepare all stationery you need before studying.

I always put pencils, ball pens, markers and books in my reach so that I am not be distracted to find and get them. I also rearrange my table sometimes, it partly change the space and prevent me from being distracted by mess when I do my homework. Don’t allow anything makes you leave the table and lose your inspiration of studying.

I guarantee that I prepare everything in my “study zone”, even if I’m not sure what I really need.  All kinds documentary and notebooks should be put in which you can easily see and get. Using laptop if necessary is also a way I save time of writing, but if it’s not, bring it to another place.

Snack helps me stay awake.

Studying for a long time sometimes makes me exhausted so I often prepare snack to keep me awake when I do my homework.  I choose nuts, berries or a piece of dark chocolate to enjoy during studying. Water is also necessary – I’m not into coffee, caffeine in tea or energy drinks cause they stop me from sleeping and then I will get even much tired the day after. 

Are you finding some nutritional food? According to research, nuts, dark chocolate, blueberries and fish are all food that are good for your brain and will help you study much effectively.

Write down my target.

Whenever I have to get something, I always write down that target to promote my spirit. It takes effect with my studying as well. Instead of doing my homework for no reasons, I often reward myself when I finish all assignments. It get me not bored with doing my homework.

Make sure that the target is possible to get. If there are 100 pages of textbook I have to finish, I will read 20 pages per day – remember not to try to read much more than what you can really absorb, it will not have any effect. Be aware of time limit as well. If I have only 1 leisure hour, I will do the most important stuff.

Turn off phone and other electronic devices. 

This is another effective way helping me to avoid distraction and to concentrate on doing my homework. I use laptop for studying only; or else it becomes distraction instead. Do the same with my phone – I turn it into silence and just use for emergent conditions.

Some websites can help me stay away from online distraction sources so I often take advantage of them when I do my homework. I also stop using Facebook and Instagram during the time I do my homework,  I will use it in break and when I finish all the assignments.

Soothing music helps.

To me and some people as well, music helps me concentrate on doing my homework. Find out what is suitable with you. Soothing music can make you feel relaxed and forget that you are studying so hard instead of going out. 

Remember your favourite kind of music maybe not the best one help you focus. It’s commonly good for you to listen to a brand new kind of music because when you hear a similar song, you will easily think about it and get distracted, or even sing along. Try many different kinds to find which you are really into but it should be soothing and not disturb you.

Try using apps that make natural sounds such as birdsong, rain drops, streams or other comfortable sounds that help you concentrate on doing homework. I believe they are available in the Internet.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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