December 24th 2012

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Getting high grades is longer an achievement of only nerd or genius. If you are not pay attention to your studying now, it will affect your future. Having impressive academic result is especially important to whomever want to go to famous universities or to have a nice job. So if you want to know how to do homework and get high grade, this post is for you. There’s the way I improve my grade below.

Recognize my own study style.

Practically, I found that there were so many common study methods not suitable to me. Some people learn effectively by writing down, some by observing or listening, etc. And after a time, I realize that I can concentrate only when studying in a quiet place. So when I feel confused when I do my homework, I know that I’m in wrong place.  

At the time you find your right method, you can choose the best one. Do you memorize easily through things observed by your eyes? Take a note then do a chart. Or hearing helps? Record the lecture. Or effectiveness comes with writing? Take note the important points in the lessons, it will help you do homework later.

Reading textbook.

Although this is quite boring, it actually takes effect. Sometimes, teachers don’t repeat things in textbooks so I couldn’t follow the lesson if I don’t have a prepare when I do my homework. After I read a chapter, I try to remind it without looking at the textbook. Then I read again. By this way, I could easily absorb knowledge and remember it longer. This is especially helpful when I don’t have much time to do my homework. 

  • Usually, what teachers mention in class is the most important points so I will take note quickly. And when I do my homework, if I meet them again, I will highlight it to easily find them again.
  • I never ignore the importance of going through the textbook.  It helps me a lot when I study a brand new lesson or do my homework after that.

Always take note if possible.

When studying in class, most of exams and conversations will include similar content which I do in my homework. So whenever teacher  emphasizes a point in lecture, I will immediately take note. It will definitely help me when I do my homework again.

  • Write the notes carefully and clearly. Use the optical marker if you need to emphasize something to easily search later, but it should not be too much highlighting or it will backfire. You can also use color pens if you want to note your notes more creative, but only use them to write the information you think they’ ll be in the test or the important information.

Study efficiently.

I used to spend whole night reading textbooks with a hope that I could remember everything. But after all, I realized that I absorbed nothing at all. Instead of trying to learn in a short time and with no plan, I change my method to make the studying effective. 

  • I set up a learning guide and review it when I do my homework. I search for the information in the detail books and take notes. Then I repeat until I feel that you really understood them. If you’ve rewritten this information, you’ ll probably be able to remember more. 
  • I ask someone else to check for me. Reading notes will make it easier to remember them than stop thinking about them. When I need to explain to someone who understands, I have to master that information, not just a rudimentary understanding of it. 
  • Create innovation for learning. I try many ways to study such as forming the cards that contain (flash card), studying with friends or joining a refresher club after school to get instructions. I can also create a table game to make the learning process interesting and easier, or just need to tap my notes so that I can easily read them. Just do as many methods as possible to make sure you understand the document. 

Active speech in class.

If I’ve done my homework, I will be ready for positive speech in class. I allow everyone to know that I understand the lesson! There’s a lot of reason supporting this. The most important reason is to make a speech in class that will help me to reinforce the knowledge I’ve learned from doing my homework in (before they turn into a mess and go away).

  • The second reason is that this is going to help ” pin ” information into my brain. This is serious. Reading the information out loud (especially in class, where I can feel more stressed than with a friend) is more effective than just writing it. In this way, I’ll be able to grasp the basics.
  • The third reason is that my teacher would appreciate these actions. Any teacher would not like a silent class. Stand with them and I’ll be given priority when I get to the score and when I ask for extra points. 

Find help.

If I have trouble when I do my homework, I will ask my teacher for help. My difficulties don’t have to be complicated questions, I know that teachers will always be happy to help me. Ask questions about what you’re asking for the teacher after school, during administrative hours, or email to ask for help.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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