January 4th 2013

do my homework

I used to find studying tough and boring. But I realized that I was not the only one in that situation. After a period of time struggling with assignments, I tried so many ways to keep focused when I do my homework. As a result, the inspiration of studying came to me again. In this post, I will share with you my effective method to stay focused when I do my homework. Hope that you could use to improve your result as well.

Make a Timetable.

If I’m going to learn all night, I’ll plan for doing my homework. Spend 5 – 10 minutes after each 30 – 60 minutes of study. I believe that my brain needs to be relaxed to recharge the energy. It’s not laziness, it’s the time to synthesize information. 

Try to convert the subject after every hour of school so that you don’t feel bored and the brain is not saturated. When you spend too much time on a subject, your brain will fade away. By switching to a new subject, you’ ll wake your brain and feel more motivated.

Spend time thinking other things before studying.

Sometimes, the focus of learning becomes difficult because of trifles in life – both good and bad and constantly invading our minds. I often feel like I can’t control our minds, but in fact it’s what I can do. I tell myself that I’ll think about it after I do my homework. I’ ll feel safer knowing that I can think about it later. And when the time comes, I may not want to think about it anymore.  If I see the mind start to miên with thoughts, stop this immediately. Take a second to shake things off and get back to do my homework. I’m the one who controls my mind. I let negative thoughts come, I can make them disappear as well! 

Prepare the pen and paper to rewrite every thought that appears in your mind while learning. Let’ s do or think about those things during the break. 

Change study method.

If I just finished reading 20 pages, reading 20 pages of other textbooks would be unwise when I do my homework. Instead, I would try answering the test question with some of the pieces of information, drawing the graph to remember the economic data, listening to the french, or studying something that requires me to develop other skills and use other parts of the brain. So I would become probably more excited about learning

In addition, the brain has no difficulty in thinking. The conversion of skills will help the brain handle information faster and remember longer. You’ll see the time flies faster and the ability to remember it is better. Try and feel the difference.

Treat yourself.

Sometimes I need a little “motivation” to continue doing my homework. If the result of good learning is still not rewarding, I will try creating something that encourages myself to focus on learning. It could be a favourite dessert and free time to watch TV, a shopping mall, a relaxing massage, or a nap. Give yourself anything worthy of effort. 

If you can, ask your parents to join this activity. Ask if they can ” finance your reward. Rewards for good learning results may be to a job that you prefer or temporarily increase allowance. Ask your parents if you’re willing to give your self – interest – it’s fine, just asking.

Review the lesson.

Have you ever dealt with a bunch of files and wanted to complete them, but you didn’t know what some of the information meant? I find doing my homework sometimes is similar. I need to know when to review the lesson and make learning simpler. If I don’t know the basics, I won’t try to find out immediately. I will analyze the information first. 

Actively learning.

One thing all teachers know but rarely tell me: reading the textbooks will be very boring, especially if it’ s the topic that I don’t like. I learn more efficiently and focus more easily only when I use the dynamic reading methods. this helps me avoid thinking of distracting and maintaining good learning results when I do my homework later. Here are some suggestions: 

I will ask myself a question while reading. 

Close the book and say the summary of the content that I just read. 

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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