Make sure you have all the items you need before you start your homework.

It will be quite distracting and difficult for you to find a ruler or an eraser when you are doing a geometry exercise. It will be even more difficult when you try to force yourself back to the exercise after 30 minutes of searching these things. If you have a plan, you will know exactly what items you will need to complete assignments and you will have them ready at your desk. Start doing homework, try not to leave the table until the scheduled break. If you need a drink, prepare it before you sit at your desk. You should make sure you have enough time to tackle the exercise without interruption by going to the toilet before the next recess comes. Therefore you will not meet the problem: “I want to go toilet but I have to do my homework”.

Remove distractions.

Place your phone somewhere else, away from your computer, and keep the learning environment as quiet as possible. Paying full attention to your assignments will make it easier to solve the problem. The reason is that your mind will not have to try to perform many tasks at the same time. Do not watch TV or listen to music, or keep chatting on Facebook while doing your homework. However, it will be much more fun if you do other activities after “I do my homework”. You will be able to complete the exercise faster if you are not distracted by other activities.

You can check your phone or social networking site during breaks. Only use these distracting devices as a reward for yourself, not a necessity. Therefore you will not drop to the case: “I don’t have enough time to do my homework”. You are the person deciding how to use your time. Don’t blame other things waste your time, it’s your problems.

Focus on solving each task individually.

Complete each specific exercise and remove it from the exercise list before proceeding to the next exercise. I always do it when I do my homework so that I can avoid being confused about what done and what hasn’t done yet. Usually, completing an entire task is great for you because you can stop thinking about it and you can start working on other tasks. Focusing on solving each task will help you stay focused. Stop thinking about other exercises and focus on the exercise you are doing. You can also ask a friend or relative for help. If an exercise is too difficult, you can change to the easier one. But remember to make sure you have enough time to go back to the previous exercise and try to solve it.

Take breaks after every lesson.

Take a specific time to take breaks, and follow that schedule. Make sure you have noted a specific time after each study break, and the amount of time you will need to perform a task. Do not spend too much time taking breaks! You probably will do something and don’t want to continue doing your homework! I usually do my homework as soon as I get home so that I can finish them as quickly as possible. However, it is better if you take an hour to relax before you start doing the homework. It is an effective way for you to eliminate the stress after a school day.

While the idea of ​​”speedy typing” sounds good, the quality of work you get may not be good if you don’t let the mind have time to relax. It will be difficult to constantly focus on a particular topic for more than 45 minutes. I always set the specific break time for myself when I do my homework, so I can make me comfortable when do them.

Keep doing homework after the break.

Don’t let the state of rest make you want to rest more, or “don’t want to do anything else”. It’s hard to get back to work after a break, but try to get rid of this situation and work harder until you finish the exercise. 15 minutes after a break are moments you can work most effectively because your mind is now more alert and ready to start work. Give yourself a word of encouragement and start working on your assignments in a completely alert and ready attitude.

Motivate to complete the exercise.

Give yourself a reward after completing an exercise, such as watching a new episode of your favorite show, or play the game. Use things you can’t get at the break so you can keep yourself motivated to continue your homework and be able to complete them. Give your family members your phone to avoid using them while doing your homework, then you can focus more on your homework. Then, when you’ve finished your homework, let them check out the product you’ve finished and you can return to your hobbies. This will help you not to cheat. I often ask my brother to check for me when I do my homework, it is also a method to help me improve the results if they are not good.

Review the assignment after it is completed.

After you’ve finished your last assignment, don’t close your books and put your notebook into your bag. Take a few minutes to go through all the assignments, so you can check for obvious errors. Correcting spelling, typing, or other recognizable errors is a great way to give yourself some of the good points you deserve. If you’ve gone through a lot of hard work to get your work done, you’ll be able to spend a little extra time making sure everything is perfect.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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