List your assignments.

You should have a notes section dedicated to homework to be easier to follow easily and conveniently. Many students find it easier to use a planning device or calendar, while others find it easier to use notebooks or workbooks. You can choose any method that suits your style, and use them to list the exercises every night. You should try to record this information on a specific exercise list. So you won’t forget to do your homework. That is also an effective method that helps me to do my homework completely.

Take notes as specifically as possible. It will be better if you include homework deadlines, corresponding textbook pages, and teacher instructions. This will help you plan your homework more effectively. You can also use your planner to make notes on your homework.

Make sure you understand each exercise in detail.

The most important thing you should do before you start working on your homework is to take some time to make sure you understand the skills you need to be able to complete your homework. Once you’ve made a list of the math problems you need to complete, re-read the list. Then you should look for exercises that might be difficult for you. Read through the comprehension exercise to identify the amount of time it will take to complete the reading. Then, evaluate the difficulty of the reading, and to find out if you need to complete the related questions. Don’t wait until you come home to start doing your homework. As soon as the teacher gives you the homework, take a look at them so you can ask the teacher about the problems you have.

From my experiences, after asking the teacher about homework problems, I can do my homework easier and better.

Create a comfortable environment to “do my homework”.

The best environment for doing homework is in quiet places and without distractions, where you can comfortably spend all the time you need to complete the exercise. Whether at home or somewhere else, a quiet space is essential for the homework process. You can prepare snacks or drinks if needed. At home, a study table in the bedroom may be the best place to go. You can close the room door to eliminate distractions. Although, for many students, this is a good way to distract themselves. Because at the moment, you can play games, use computers, use the guitar, and perform other distracting actions in your bedroom. You can sit in the kitchen or living room where your mother can remind you to do your homework when you do anything else. You will be able to complete your exercises faster because distracting habits will not tempt you.

In public, a library is a great place for me to study and do my homework. At all libraries, keeping silent is a general rule, and you won’t encounter any distracting agents at home. The school library will remain open after school and this is a good option for you to finish your homework before you go home, or you may also have areas dedicated to the section. study destination after school.

Change the learning environment. Studying regularly at the same place will make it difficult for you. A few studies have shown that changing the environment can make the brain more flexible because it will process new information. You will be able to change habits and memorize lessons more effectively.

Choose to handle the most important exercises.

At the end of a study day, when you are preparing to start your homework, try to find out which exercises are the most important exercises. Then you should organize them in the appropriate order for you to complete the necessary assignments easily. You need to allocate time appropriately and prioritize important assignments. Start with the most difficult exercises. Do you hate doing algebra exercises? Are English reading comprehension exercises your most time-consuming exercises? Starting with the most difficult exercises and you can spend more time completing them. Then you can move on to the exercises that you can complete in a short time. When I do my homework, I arrange my assignments from the most difficult to the easy one. Therefore I can cover all of them with the best quality.

Let’s start with the most urgent exercises. If you have 20 math problems due tomorrow, and 20 pages of novels that you need to read by Friday. It’s best to start with math exercises first to make sure you have enough time to complete it. Give priority to assignments due tomorrow.

Let’s start with the most valuable exercises. Math exercises can be quite difficult, but if it only gives you a few points in learning, you shouldn’t spend too much time on it. Instead, spend time doing big projects – the two-day term for Social Studies. Spend most of your time on the most valuable exercises.

Set a timetable.

There is not much time for you to waste. Take a specific amount of time to do your homework. Based on the amount of time you think you’ll need to be able to complete the assignment and the actual amount of time you can set aside for homework. Give yourself enough time to finish your assignments and do other tasks in the evening. Set an alarm or timer so you can keep track of the time. The less time you spend on being lazy and checking your messages, the faster you will be able to complete the assignment. If you think you can finish everything in half an hour, set a timer and focus on it so you can finish them within the time you have set. If you haven’t done your homework yet, take a few more minutes.

After every 50 minutes of homework, take 10 minutes to take breaks. Taking breaks during your study and relaxing your mind is important. Otherwise, you will be less productive. You are not a robot!

Above are some tips to do my homework, make a plan and complete your homework effectively.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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