Nowadays, students have to study and do a lot of homework every day. They not only study in class but also study in tutoring centers, so the number of exercises is increasing. Since then the problem of students lazy to “do my homework” has also become more common in the classrooms. For teachers and parents, children do not fully prepare their homework before class makes them worry a lot about the quality of the lesson. Before we come up with a way to solve this problem, we must find out the reason why students said that “ I do not want to do my homework”

Why is the problem of students lazy doing homework increasing?

  • Because the amount of exercise is too much, it causes a feeling of boredom not wanting to do them anymore.
  • “I am not having enough time to do my homework”, because going to school, taking extra classes, and studying after school made them so tired.
  • Today, students are allowed to use cell phones and laptops by their parents very early. Therefore, they are being dominated by these technologies and become too lazy to do homework.
  • Parents are too busy and do not have time to talk to remind children to do their homework.
  • Today, children have more relationships, so paying attention to those relationships is also the reason why they are lazy to do homework.
  • They are not good at all subjects, so they usually focus on doing exercises in the main subjects or subjects that interest them.
  • Games, comics, or movies are also addictive things for children to neglect their studies, then they do not want to “do my homework”  anymore.

What are the consequences when students are lazy doing homework?

  • Regularly not doing homework will become a bad habit that is deeply ingrained in your personality. Then it is difficult to change.
  • Being lazy doing homework will make children not understand the lesson in class that affects their learning performance.
  • Some students who do not “do my homework” affect the teachers and other students. It creates a tense atmosphere every time exams.
  • Failure to do homework will be criticized and reprimanded by the teachers, this will affect the children’s learning mood and thinking.
  • Lazy to “do my homework” will create a feeling of fear when you go to class. As a result, students will have bad thoughts such as skipping class, easily being dragged down by friends.

How to solve the problem of students lazy to do homework

To solve the problem that students are lazy to do homework not only from themselves but also need help from their parents and teachers. We would like to give a few ideas for you to refer to:

  • Parents should not force their children to attend too many tutoring centers. It takes time to give your child time to do the things they enjoy.
  • Parents should not let children use phones and laptops too early. If they have to use it, make sure that parents have control over what they do.
  • Parents should often talk, confide, and encourage them to have more motivation to try.
  • The teacher should not assign too much homework, but only give enough time for the children to do homework and participate in other activities.
  • Do not scold or reprimand the children before class when they do not do homework. It will affect their learning spirit.
  • Reward them if they have worked hard.
  • They need to separate their study and leisure time properly. You can set up a rule that you can play games or listen to music for 5 minutes after 45 minutes of learning. Or at the end of the day before going to bed take 1 hour to play games or watch movies as you like.

Conclusion: The problem of students lazy doing homework will easily be solved if they have their determination and the attention and guidance from parents and teachers. As a result, students will be motivated to do their homework and no one complains “ I don’t want to do my homework” anymore.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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