Today, education becomes a top national policy. Investing your children in a solid foundation of knowledge as well as equipping them with life skills, effective problem solving and handling is a top priority for parents.

However, how to help children have a good memory and effective learning methods, science is still not an easy problem. In this article, I will provide you the effective methods which I used to learn and do my homework to help you find the most suitable learning method for yourself.

Các phong cách học phổ biến (learning styles)


Suitable nutrition is a factor in the initial effective learning method. Depending on the age of the student, parents need to have a reasonable diet, ensuring a balance between substances and vitamins. Studying consumes a lot of energy from learners. Therefore, depending on the stage that parents need to develop an appropriate eating plan. For primary school children, they should eat a variety of foods to avoid anorexia. Students should be encouraged to eat more vegetables, limit junk food, practice light eating habits for children,… I always have a suitable diet because study or do my homework consumes lots of energy. To guarantee a healthy body to do my homework, balanced nutrition is very important.

It should be noted that children should not eat too much. Because it may cause obesity, creating feelings of inferiority and inactivity for children later. For junior and senior high school students, this is a period of high nutritional requirements for comprehensive physical and intellectual development. In particular, girls are the objects that need to be cared for at all during this period The reason is that they want to keep a slim body and lose weight. This is absolutely not good for comprehensive health development, parents need to guide their children to a reasonable diet. Besides, they should be offered a solution that combines physical exercise and sports to keep body shape and healthy. When I was a grade 12 student, I didn’t eat too much, then I was exhausted when I had to do my homework. Since then, I had to set for myself suitable nutrition to avoid the same situation.

Methods of scientific learning

Before learning

Before starting class, students need to review homework to get an overview, note down what is not clear to discuss with teachers in class. Students need to have an appropriate and flexible study schedule. You do not be too restrictive to sit at the desk for long periods of time. Alternately, you should combine with recreational activities such as listening to music, watching TV, practicing sports, helping parents,… When I stay at home I cannot do my homework for a long time. I usually break it into many pieces to easily complete all of them.

Parents should be concerned about their child’s school schedule, contact the teacher regularly about their child’s academic performance. In addition, parents need to be involved with their children in creating appropriate schedules.

Regarding the method of reviewing lessons, students can choose to take notes according to mind-map or in the form of lists. The sophisticated girls can use multi-colored pens to create attraction and easy to absorb. Whenever I do my homework, my mind-map looks like a colorful picture with colorful lines.

While learning

This is the period when students master the lesson comprehensively based on teachers’ support and guidance. During the learning process, students should not neglect, focus on the lecture of the teacher, wonder when they do not understand the lesson. For group discussions, students should actively discuss what they do not understand and share what they know to reinforce. Therefore when they are at home they will not face the problem: “They are difficult and complex and I don’t want to do my homework anymore.”

After learning

Students need to revise in class during the day, which will help them remember longer and avoid forgetting knowledge for the next lesson. Depending on the feature of each subject, there are appropriate methods: summarizing knowledge with formulas, pictures, or listing briefly in the form of diagrams, etc.

In addition, the method of reciting before going to bed and studying at 4-6 am is extremely effective. This is one of the habits you need to build in your long-term learning process.

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