Effective learning methods always help us to succeed in the shortest and fastest way. As has been known for a long time, learning is a long process and is associated with us all our life. Anyone of us must learn, not just the pupils or college students need to learn. Therefore, to have an effective learning method, we need to plan, set goals, and strive for implementation. This article is 10 simple and effective methods for you do learn or “do my homework”

1. Create positive beliefs for yourself.

Creating positive beliefs is the first step of 10 effective learning methods. Positive beliefs provide a strong incentive to achieve your goals. List what you believe you can do in a notebook, a piece of paper, or whatever you can do. I can write on it right now even if I hold a knife and paper engraved on the table. Just kidding but sometimes I use this way to do my homework.  Let’s say some of the positive beliefs are:

  • Absolute score in the tests of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Foreign Languages.
  • Achieve excellent students in every semester.
  • Get scholarships to study abroad.
  • Become a billionaire in the future or make it into the top 10 richest people in the world … blah blah blah …

If you have made a mistake and haven’t achieved your goal, don’t give up and learn from your mistakes and try again until you succeed. I always do my homework as a draft before I come to school. That means I can meet some mistakes when I do my homework then  I can be ready to face it when I am on lessons.

2. Set clear and specific goals

This is the second step and this step will distinguish the good students or successful people and the remaining students. Good students set clear and specific goals and above all know what they want in life. For example, when I do my homework, I usually make a set of assignments I need to do. Therefore I can cover all of them without missing any tasks. Goals are a great source of motivation to motivate yourself to study hard. It is very important to successfully implement each small plan in the big plan and take these as the steps to your final success.

3. Manage and take advantage of the time

This is an important step that you should be aware of. Time is so valuable it can give you everything or not give you anything. Manage your time in a smart way, balancing the time for fun, entertainment, study, for family and friends. If you don’t know how to manage your time, you’ll be in a state of bewilderment and get rid of the work you want to do before and you won’t get anything you want in life. People like that often say things like “Leave it for tomorrow” or “I’ll do it when I have time.” Especially, when do your homework, you are easy to drop this situation: “It is so easy, will do it later”, or “I don’t want to do my homework anymore, I want to chitchat with my friends”.

4. Quick reading method

In order to have effective learning methods, it is extremely important to collect information and data from textbooks and reference books. But many of you spend a lot of time doing these things but not enough because you read very slowly. So what is the secret to helping you read fast? Check them out below!

  • Read the summary first
  • Read the previous question
  • Read with the highlight pen
  • Read 5-7 phrases at the same time

These techniques will help you gather valuable information in a short time and you still have plenty of time to do other tasks. Additionally, with these tips, you will have not to worry: “I don’t have enough time to do my homework, they are too much.”

5. How to filter key information

Be a smart person when we know how to filter the key information of a problem. Students always try to memorize all the words in an article. Alternatively, you can highlight important keywords and this will help you review knowledge better than any other student.

6. Memorize with your brain

Using both left and right brain hemispheres helps you maximize efficiency when studying and reviewing. By using the mind map we will save time to review lessons. In fact, a student’s academic performance depends very much on the quality of his memory.

7. Quick memory technique

How to remember the periodic system table? Remember all the historical events in the book? Please do as follows:

  • Write out the outline
  • Whisper in mind
  • Write down the paper

Especially formulas, theorems, postulates. When recording, you only summarize the important part, so that when opening the page reminds you of the system of memory lessons without opening books.

8. Application of knowledge to practice

It is rare to see questions in the exam that are identical in textbooks and just need to change the numbers to get it right. That’s why it is very rare for rote students to score very well on school tests or exams. The reason that excellent students score ten points is that they know how to flexibly apply their knowledge to specific types of questions and problems. They also know that each unit of knowledge has certain types of questions and exercises. They will become familiar with all types of exam questions (from the past exam questions) and learn the steps to give the best possible answer.

9. Review the content

Reviewing each lesson is a very effective method so you do not forget the knowledge that you have acquired during the day. Good students always review content learned with both brain hemispheres so that when needed they can awaken the entire knowledge they have previously learned.

10. Skills to take the test

The last step is to learn and apply exam skills when taking the test. Effective learners know how to relax before the exam when they get into the exam room and know how to present concise, concise, and effective time management to complete the exam best on this important day.

Above are 10 effective study methods to help you become a top student and get perfect grades on many different exams and tests. Recite these methods and apply them to your life and of course, you will achieve the success you desire.

Good luck!

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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