For the best study, you need a quiet environment without distraction. However, for some people, studying in a quiet environment can backfire. A quiet environment can make you feel bored and sleepy. This is why you should choose the right music to be able to study better.

Although some studies say that listening to music while studying is not good, for many people, listening to music helps them learn better. And I am the person who always listens to music when I do my homework. Music is that we stay calm, have fun, and motivate our classmates to stay longer.

The real problem is choosing the right music for learning. Inappropriate music will distract you. So “what kind of music should I listen to when I study or do my homework?”

1. Classical music

Soothing and harmonious classical music is one of the best options for me to listen to while studying or doing my homework.

2. Mozart music

There is ample evidence that Mozart helps improve your mood. People call this the “Mozart effect.”

Sometimes I  listen to Mozart music and I see it help me to do my homework more effectively

3. Beat music

Choose the type of beat music from your favorite songs. This is modern music that the same effect as the classic one. Soundtracks are also a good idea for you to choose to have a good environment to “do my homework”.

4. Sounds from nature

You should listen to nature sounds like rain, waves, rainforests, or animals when studying. This type of music makes you relax and feel like you are in another world. I really like to sounds of rain when I do my homework. It makes me feel so comfortable and easy to concentrate on my work.

5. Don’t turn on loud music

Listen to music at a moderate level. The volume is as small as possible. Playing loud music will distract you and only think of the melody and lyrics. Your main purpose is learning, so keep your music in the background. When you finish your works, make music as loud as you like.

6. Create a favorite playlist before learning

You should create a favorite playlist and then turn it on when you start studying to avoid stopping and finding other songs every 5 minutes. This will save you time, allowing you to learn more seamlessly and concentrate. I always set for myself a playlist before I do my homework then I can concentrate on my works.

7. You should not listen to music on the radio

You should not listen to music on the radio when studying. The dialogue between MC and advertising will distract you.

8. Make a playlist for 40-50 minutes

Create a 40-50 minute playlist. The playlist ends as well as a reminder that you need a few minutes to relax before continuing your studies.

9. You should listen to music before going to bed or before entering the exam room

You should listen to music before going to bed or before entering the exam room. This will make you feel more relaxed and focused.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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