Sometimes where you learn or “do my homework” becomes as important as what you learn. While it’s comfortable to relax on a sofa or a mattress while studying, it is proven by research that designing a carefully managed study space will make most of us work effectively.

Below, we have mentioned some essential guidelines on how to create effective learning and working space.

1. Provide natural light

It is a fact that people love natural light. Anyone who spends eight to nine hours a day studying under fluorescent lights can understand this. Natural light can provide your room with warmth and vitality. They will be essential to make the space more convenient for studying and working. Therefore, a window frame with transparent glass walls nearing the desk should be designed. For me, I can sit 6-8 hours in this kind of space to do my homework without being tired.

2. Comfortable but serious environment

You can enjoy the room where you study and work to make yourself comfortable, but be careful not to be too comfortable. Limit distractions and the thought: “this is a relaxing space, I need to enjoy it and I don’t want to do my homework”.

Instead, set a clock, calendar, and note-taking notes before opening the book to inform your mind that this is a time for formal study and work. Especially, minimize messy in the interior space by turning it into a creative arrangement or decoration.

3. Replace the music for background noise

While some people listen to music to focus their minds, others will be distracted them. Although songs can improve your mood, in case you pay more attention to the lyrics, it will always have a chance to be distracted.

But music will always be a smart idea to use as an anti-ambient noise device. Your favorite tunes will provide mood-pleasing effects but won’t spoil your concentration. I usually listen to beat or light music when I do my homework. Because they help me easy to absorb knowledge and do my homework more effective.

4. Place some trees in your space

The superior indoor air quality is provided by a number of indoor plants. Provided that something green and lively can turn your study and workspace into something quiet and peaceful.

Buy any plants for your room and don’t forget to water them regularly as they can make your surroundings easier and more peaceful for a long time. In addition to adding some green to the room, you can also design a wooden wall in the room. That is where you can hang the necessary charts and notes that you consider as essential things.

5. Turn off unnecessary notifications on the phone

It would be a smart idea to turn off unnecessary apps, especially entertainment apps, if possible put it in airplane mode. Your phone can prove to be the biggest distraction when you “do my homework”. Because you’ll receive messages and other things that might keep you from following. Therefore, except for emergency calls, do not let anything interfere with your work and study time.

The above suggestions for learning and working space will give you some great ideas to create the ideal space. Play around with the above tips and do it until you discover something that works best in your own space. I used to experience these tips to do my homework, and I see it gave me a really impressive effectiveness

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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