The US is a study abroad destination attracting many students from many countries around the world. Living away from home, family, adapting, and studying in a new environment will be extremely difficult for everyone. Here are some tips from Do my homework for me gives you to have good preparation when starting an overseas life in the US.

1. Pay attention to cultural differences while studying in the US:

You will live in the US with a new culture different from your country. Therefore, you have to make effort to fill the cultural gap between you and other students to avoid cultural misunderstandings. Remember to stay calm in all situations, learn, and be willing to listen.

2. Choose a comfortable place to live so you can study well:

There are many forms of life when studying in the US such as boarding, dormitory, or outpatient, homestay. Choose a place that suits your personality and financial situation. Do my homework for me would like to suggest you stay in a homestay, With this form of study abroad, students will not have to worry about study travel or personal activities or any expenses. In addition, you will be in contact with a host family, always taking care of you as their child. Therefore, you can focus on your studies with great comfort without having to think too much about them.

3. Health insurance is a must when studying in the US:

International students are required to always have health insurance provided by their schools. Without health insurance, you cannot be treated by a doctor in the US.

4. Communicate with the American people:

International students can learn about American culture, history, and traditions by speaking with American students and teachers. Speak clearly and slowly when speaking with Americans. Your accent may be a little different from the native accent so it can sometimes make it difficult for Americans to hear and understand you. Therefore, Do my homework for me supposes that being able to speak slowly and clearly will help you to deal with this communication barrier.

5. Expand cultural exchange relationships:

Let’s try to create relationships with American students, and foreign students from other countries when studying in the US. Schools in the US have a great diversity of academic cultures and it is also a great opportunity to develop a global network while learning about different cultures and traditions. This is very useful for you in studying and in future work.

6. Secure your personal information and that of others:

Always keep your personal information private, including your social security and credit card numbers. Always be cautious of email scams, such as asking you for personal information, your credit card number, or social security numbers. The legitimate organizations will never ask for personal information such as ATM PIN or online banking password. From Do my homework for me’s experiences you should not ask Americans about their salaries and personal information because America values ​​privacy and, best of all, not be too curious.

7. Learn to cook basics:

Food is quite expensive in America! Do my homework for me sees that learning to cook the basic dishes will satisfy your appetite for your hometown’s “cuisine” in times of cultural “crisis”.

8. Shopping in the US:

Major shopping centers and supermarkets (eg Wal-Mart, Target) in the US are the place to buy for all your daily needs. The security system in the US is very tight so be careful to check that all your items have been declared correctly and that you keep the invoices above.

Above are some useful information Do my homework for me gives you. You can consider and be well-prepared for your studying abroad journey.

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