Read books or do your homework

According to Edward Balfour, Principal of Beechwood Park School, in Hertfordshire (UK), along with helping reinforce what a child learns in class, do your homework is “part of independent knowledge development”.

By setting challenging work, “gently pushing children out of comfort zone,” you help develop independence, confidence and prepare them for maturity. “

Principal Balfour added that despite being considered a teacher-directed activity, “do your homework can free students”. This allows them to “show character, subtlety, ingenuity, creation”.

On the other hand, he argues that homework can have a positive impact on family life, leading the whole family to participate in children’s learning. This helps “strengthen the partnership between children and the school; children and parents; parents and school, ”thus helping to align learning.

According to Christopher King, executive director of the British Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS), there has been a real change in homework in primary education. “I think schools are transforming traditional homework – which is condemned to parents, not students, into something more effective, such as reading books regularly.”

An educational institution that has implemented this new type of homework is the Littletown Elementary School in Honiton (England). Since 2018, instead you do your homework at home, students have to read for 20 minutes each night and are provided with a list of optional activities each semester, related to a topic they are working on. According to David Perkins, the President of the school, this relaxed approach has encouraged students’ independent learning.

He also said that schools need to be aware of the impact of doing your homework on students’ family life. He says: “Nowadays, the time for everyone’s family is getting narrower than ever so I think, when we ask our children to do something at home, it’s important that they try and do exactly. This is one reason why schools need to implement a solution for students to read for 20 minutes a day. Therefore this will increase the positive time when at home. ”

“Should you be forced to do your homework when you are too young? If so, this will affect the mental health of the child. Doing too much homework, too much pressure, will affect a child’s confidence, they always wonder “Am I good enough? Can I keep up? ”

There is often a lot more pressure if children have a “helicopter parent” (The concept of parents always hovering like a helicopter around their children to oversee and protect them excessively). Because These are parents who “can motivate their children to work more and more.”

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