Start doing homework immediately.

It can be quite easy for you to justify other tasks to avoid doing homework. But if you find it difficult to spend time completing your daily exercises, this procrastination is the reason. “What is the best way to get some extra time to do my homework?” Please solve it. Right now. Do you need to spend an hour watching TV after school to relieve stress? It will be easier if you start working immediately and try to complete the exercise when the knowledge is still on your mind. Waiting for a few hours means you’ll have to review your work and try to recall the knowledge you learned earlier. “Do my homework” as long as this knowledge is still on your mind.

If I have three days to complete a reading, don’t wait until the last night to start working on your homework. Please divide your time and spend more time to complete the exercise. A long deadline to do your homework doesn’t mean you can’t finish it right now. Always be one step ahead. You can stay up late to do your homework but don’t exhaust yourself!

Spend some time on the bus doing homework.

You will be surprised to find that there is quite a bit of free time throughout the day that you can use effectively. A long ride will be a great opportunity for you to tackle easy assignments. Or else, you can start looking at your list of exercises so you can plan your homework when you get home. For example, when I need to read through many readings to be able to do my homework, I read them while on the bus. Use headphones to eliminate background noise and focus on your book.

Buses can be a source of distraction, or it can also be a great place for you to do your homework. Because on the bus there are many friends in the same class with you, try to do homework with them and this will help you complete the homework faster. Let’s solve difficult problems together. This is not a fraudulent act if everyone comes up with ideas to solve the problem and no one copies anyone’s work. In addition, this will also help you make new friends when doing homework together! I love to do my homework on the bus because I see it is very interesting and effective.

Use the free time between lessons to do homework.

Sometimes, the time you have to wait to transfer periods can be quite long, about 10 minutes. If you come to the next lesson without spending time chatting with friends, you can save about an hour during the entire school day to do your homework. Imagine that you absolutely complete math homework on the same day the teacher has given you homework and you don’t even worry “how can I do my homework during my favorite time”. You shouldn’t use this time to do the assignment which is due. Rushing through the final assignments within 5 minutes before you have to turn in will give the teacher a bad view of you. Moreover, you won’t have time to review the assignments after completing them. Rushing is a good way to make a mistake. And always remember to check the exercises that you often have trouble with.

Use the waiting time to do your homework.

If you have an hour before playing sports, you can spend this time playing around or you can use it to complete the exercise. Don’t pretend that you don’t have enough time during the day to do your homework. Use your time wisely and you’ll be able to finish your homework quickly! Do your homework while you’re waiting for the bus, when you’re “killing” time at your brother’s soccer game, or when you’re waiting for a friend to come over to your house. Take advantage of any empty time you have during the day. I always use my free time to do my homework so that I can cover all of them before I go to school.

Above are some tips I use when I do my homework, you can consider these tips and apply for your schedule.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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