August 4th 2013

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Have you ever been in the condition that you had studied very hard but forgot almost everything the following day or you couldn’t remember lessons although spent lots of time on them? Don’t worry, I used to struggle this problem when I do my homework as well. 

To get higher result in studying, besides the intelligence and hard-working, memorizing skill also plays an important role. There are a number of people who are able to remember lessons immediately in class, so how can they do that? Today, I will suggest you some ways I used to overcome the problem of memorizing when I do my homework.


Before doing my homework, I often get outside for some fresh air in at least 20 minutes. Research claims that doing exercise before exams or lecture is helpful for memory and brain. Walking also energizes me to be much awake to memorize and not to feel tired of studying.

Write down onto flashcard

Doing exercise activates the connection of memory between spirit and body which typing or printing can’t make in the same way. Writing is a longer process giving me enough time to memorize information when I do my homework. After that, I put cards together and mix their orders. I also mark subjects with different colors which helps me find and memorize easily. For example, all cards of English are green, Math’s cards are red. Then I put these cards into my pencil case so I can learn whenever possible.

Using memorizing techniques

When I do my homework, I try different learning methods to memorize information deeply. For example, instead of reading quietly, speaking out loud the lesson content improves my ability of reminding the information after studying. When I do my homework, I try to memorize the most important points before the others.

Q&A method

In the end of the lecture, I prepare the questions about that lesson. Then I write the answers on a piece of paper. I will repeat this method if the information is too hard to remember at the first time. This method not only helps me to memorize the lesson faster but also becomes a useful source for practice later when I do my homework.

Listen to music

Listening to the right kind of music also improves the ability of memorizing. And I choose classical as the most effective one. Because it helps me concentrate when I do my homework. Keep the volume at appropriate level to be able to stay focused. 

Turn it off or move to other songs if it distract you.

Take a break

Although I really want to finish doing my homework as soon as possible but I realize that I need a break as well. My brains need rest to absorb information for such a long time. Spending time relaxing also promotes my ability of concentrating. Relaxing activities in a short time is always necessary before coming back to textbooks.

Scent and taste arouse memory

Using unfamiliar scent marks the memory in my mind when I do my homework. When I have an exam, I can use the same scent to raise the information marked with that scent again. Chewing gum also helpful for the same result. But I can do it because I’m fortunately not to be caught in class. Another way I perform the scent method is to use perfume on my notebooks (different scent for subjects). 

Change study place often

Information can be stored better when I change place where I study. Spaces without distraction sources are the best choices such as, a library or your private room. I keep myself away from electronic devices when I do my homework so I can be more focused. Crowded spaces with noises and distracted sounds are not my choices. Or I will make everything simple by just rearrange my room before I do my homework.

Stay focused 

I always try to stay focused for important information and not to be aware of unnecessary one. Somebody try to study everything in the textbooks so they will easily forget important knowledge learned before. I don’t try to study for a long time with a great amount of content worthlessly. When I do my homework, concentrating in the important points of the lessons is a helpful way to memorize things.

Sleep enough
Shot of a happy young woman waking up in her bed at home

The previous week when I take an exam, I always try to sleep enough for 6-8 hours to stay in good condition. Resting in the night before exam is even much more important. Sometimes I want to stay awake to study everything but I know that my brain can’t work well at that time. I don’t want to lose my chance of rest and be asleep and tired on the day of exam. Sleep enough ensures a better result.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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