Many people think that if they already have a calculator, then they don’t need to know Math problems skillfully.

Once I went back to my hometown to visit my old friend. I saw them 5 people gathered together to use the “crab claw” to break a 24-inch iron bar. I just think about water pipe, I used it to extend the “crabs claw”. As a result, just two people easily break that iron bar, and they both praised me “smart”.

We all learned the principle of leverage for a long time but why didn’t I think of it before? Because at that time I was not “smart” enough to apply it.

You have to think about what high school math problem is for because it is not applied in real life. If you think so, not only math but also other subjects such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry … are not helpful at all. This problem happens in many countries like the US, UK.

I myself graduated with a master’s degree in IT from the US but I did not apply math, physics, and other subjects in life. Even addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division were also done by calculator. So if we already have calculators, Why do we have to learn math problems?

We must first know that society develops based on scientific discoveries, and these discoveries are researched and developed by scientists. And of course just one invention of them will help society more than millions of people who only know plus and minus. We cannot look at a child and know for sure that it will become a scientist. To become a scientist, they all went through high school, then went to college, then continued to study and study further.

And in the process, the number of students will slowly drop and eventually some will remain. And in the process of becoming scientists, the falling parts will become engineers, accountants, workers … If I give a calculate to a vegetables-selling woman, she only knows to click add and subtract. But if the calculator were given to an accountant, they would use many functions of multiplication, division, and percentage. And if a brother studies IT, the hexadecimal function is thoroughly applied.

Then you cannot think that selling vegetables in the market just need use addition and subtraction is enough. Of course, when we were young, we didn’t know if we would sell vegetables or an accountant later, so we had to learn all kinds of maths problems. The companies hire an engineer because he has enough knowledge to work, not because he knows how to add and subtract, and then he is trained to become an engineer. Math problems help you to be smarter and solve your troubles easier.

You may be born clever, but to become intelligent, you must definitely learn, the higher you get, the smarter you are. At the university I attended there was a board that there is a quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars”.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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